Ballet Director/Instructor (1 Needed)

In 2012 the ABC Christian Academy partnered with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson Mississippi to help develop a Ballet Program for children in Lilongwe Malawi. The ABC Christian AMath Teacher for High Schoolademy Ballet Program was born. We have had three instructors over the past three years and the program now has over 110 ballet students. Our main goal is to share the love of Christ with our students and the community by using dance to share the gospel. You will have many platforms to share the gospel to thousands of people throughout Malawi. If you love to dance and to teach dance this may be your dream job. 

Responsibilities Include:
• Oversee the Ballet Department at ABC Christian Academy.
• Writing semester evaluations of students
• You will split teaching approximately thirty hours of ballet classes with your co-director each week.
• You will also be an assistant teacher at the Academic School for ten hours each week.
• There is a wide range of responsibilities in running a ballet school that go far beyond teaching. 

These will include the following:
• Connecting with local businesses and sponsors, advertising, and hosting events to fundraise for all ballet expenses including but not limited to costumes, props, sets, renting the auditorium, printing costs, etc. This will require a significant amount of time driving throughout Lilongwe to connect and establish relationships with the leaders in the community. Plan on paying for car and fuel costs as it is a big part of this job.
• Managing all administrative duties that are necessary to run a ballet school including emails, errands, paperwork, inventory, planning for the next year, etc.
• Taking the top level to perform approximately twice a month at school functions and local events to keep the reputation of the dance program going. These are small scale and will not compare to the productions at the end of each semester.
• Managing all logistics of producing two major performances each year at the end of each semester with over one thousand people in attendance and over 100 students participating. You will write the story or program, edit music, choreograph, teach, find costumes, get all printing of posters, tickets, and programs, organize props and sets, fundraise, advertise, direct, and produce the show.
• These administrative duties will take about fifteen hours each week. This will not include the time spent for each event. 

• This job has been so very rewarding and is unique to Malawi. The opportunities are incredible and God us clearly working in many ways.

QualificationsCriteria: • must be a dancer or received formal dance training • mature Christian • must enjoy working with children ages 4-17 years • organizational skills • creativity

Kindergarten Teacher

Math Teacher for High School

We are looking for strong Christian individuals who love children and enjoy working with young ages.  We prefer our teachers to have a degree or credential in teaching young school age children.  However, we will consider those that have experience teaching young ages.  These children are learning early reading skills and correct pencil grip and formation of letters.  Attention to detail and following curriculum is a must.  The head teacher gives guidance.  Each class also has a teaching assistant as support.   Abeka Curriculum and A-Z Reading are used for Language arts, science and social studies.  We use the Saxon math curriculum for kindergarten with a variety of manipulative to teach concepts.  Positive Action for Christ is used for Bible.  Other subjects include P.E./Swimming, computer, art and music.  Class size is no more than 18 students. . School begins at 7:15 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m.  Classes are also multi-cultural.  We have over 21 nationalities represented at the school.  Classes are half ex-patriot (any other country other than the host country of Malawi) and half Malawian.

We are looking for a Christian college graduate teacher who majored in math for grades  9th, 10, 11th, and 12th.   We would also consider an individual who has teaching credential for middle/high school and can handle this subject matter.  We use Saxon Math and Prentice Hall curriculum.   High School courses include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.  All tests and resource materials are available to the teacher.   Ninth grade and up dismiss by 2:30 p.m. each day. Class size is no more than 20 students. .  Classes are also multi-cultural.  We have over 21 nationalities represented at the school.  Classes are half ex-patriot (any other country other than the host country of Malawi) and half Malawian.


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