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African Bible Colleges

ABC Christian Academy is owned and managed by the mission organization African Bible Colleges, Inc. Our story began with President of African Bible Colleges and Superintendent of ABCCA, Dr. Paul Chinchen. In 1998 Dr. Chinchen saw a need for a Christian education in the country of Malawi. Dr. Paul Chinchen responded to this need over 20 years ago with just four grades and a dream for the school to be a true International School. Today our school has 300 students, represents over 20 different nationalities and is a member of ACSI. We praise God for a dream come true. 

All the T.A's (Teaching Assistants) at the ABC Christian Academy are graduates of the African Bible College and have B.A. degrees in Christian Education or Communication.  We believe this adds to the professionalism and high standards of our classroom academics.  

For more information about African Bible Colleges please visit their website here. 


Project Juembo 

The ABC Christian Academy in Malawi, Africa has been involving its students in outreach ministries for years. We have just recently initiated Project Juembo, which targets students in surrounding village schools. Unfortunately they do not have access to the materials we do. This is where you come in. We hope to involve students who attend schools in the U.S. by encouraging them to purchase brand new back packs, fill them with everything a student in the village would need to attend class, and send them to Malawi. She's learning more tricks everyday. Follow her to stay up to date on her adorable antics!

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