This year ABCCA is introducing clubs as an avenue for students to discover their unique path and pursue passions beyond the classroom, while developing key leadership skills.

Clubs are offered for grades 6th - 12th grade. Complete and submit the form below by indicating your top three choices. Please take note that not everyone will get their first choice as clubs are based on a first come first serve bases.

ART CLUB: Art club is a place for students to experience creative freedom and learn from each other's skill sets. Students will collaborate and discover ways to serve the community through art.

SPANISH CLUB: The purpose of this club is to promote interest in Spanish and stimulate cultural awareness. Students will practice speaking in Spanish and explore Spanish culture and traditions.

FITNESS CLUB: The purpose of fitness club is to learn about, practice, and teach others the benefits of healthy eating, healthy living and regular exercise. Together we will workout, educate ourselves on these topics and complete a project to teach others about the benefits of healthy living.

CHIKONDI CHILIMANJA "Love is in the hands": Chikondi chilimanja, a Chichewa Proverb translated in english means “Love is in the hands.” The goal of this club is to study God’s word and serve others according to what the Bible says. Another aspect of this club will be to partner with ABC graduates and their ministries in and around Lilongwe.

HISTORY CLUB: History club will work to broaden our horizons about different cultures and help grow a deeper appreciation for the Global God we serve.

DEBATE CLUB: Through formal speech and debate, students will learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues in a competitive and respectful environment.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB: Environmental club is a place for students to learn about our environment and how to to make a positive impact. Students will learn about different environmental cycles, and will explore how we can utilise natural resources more effectively around the world and in Malawi.


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