Teaching Application

Welcome! We encourage all teaching applicants to use electronic submission when possible. If this is not a possibility, please contact our office. If you began a teaching application previously, you may resume it through this page on our main ABC site.

Please note that this application is not covered by an SSL certificate and you fill it out at your own risk. Because ABC Christian Academy and our parent organization, African Bible Colleges, recognize the need for the secure transmission of sensitive data, an alternate but secure version of this application is available at https://www.abcsupportsite.net/academy-teaching-application/ for your convenience and personal security.If you choose this option, please expect and do not be alarmed by a drastic change in the form's appearance.

ABC Christian Academy Teacher Application

Please be advised that we will need contact information for your references, past employers and current pastors. You will also be asked to write out your testimony and to upload a current picture. Because the application needs to be filled out and submitted in a single session, it may be worthwhile to collect this information before you begin.

If valid email addresses are provided, your references will be contacted immediately.

Personal Information

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Phone Numbers

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Other Family Information
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Emergency Information
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