Staff and Faculty

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Superintendent:Paul Chinchen

All teachers must be professing Christians and approved by the African Bible College or the ABC Academy Parental Advisory Committee.

In an effort to keep tuition at a minimum, most teachers at the ABC Christian Academy are recruited on a strictly volunteer basis.

The vision of the ABC Christian Academy is to offer high caliber Christian education for the multi-cultural community of Lilongwe, therefore every effort will be made to recruit only certified school teachers.


Leslie Bennett Kindergarten teacher

William Bowie Middle and High School Teacher

Rosemary Anne Bowie Sixth Grade Teacher

Laura Chinchen Vice Principal

Jessica Cornelison 3rd Grade 2 Teacher

Monica Durante Kindergarten Teacher

Laurie Johnstone Head Teacher (Reception through First Grade - Lower Elementary)

Julie Judd Science Teacher

Tapiwa Kampondeni 4th grade teacher

Sean Kampondeni Bible Teacher 9th-12th grade

Moses Kuthyola Music Teacher

Mr. Jannie Le Roux Headmaster

Shelley Le Roux Headmaster's executive assistant

Titus Lloyd High School Computer teacher, College Lecturer, IT Department

Susan Diane Peters Aquatics Director/Kindergarten Teacher

Zelda Pretorius Assisstant to head ofAdmissions/Curriculum Coordinator

Angie Santos Curriculum Coordinator, Admissions

Chantelle Saunders Artistic Ballet Instructor/ Teacher assistant

Bernadine Stewart Reception Teacher

Todd Stiles Athletic Director, Sports Master, P.E. Teacher, Coach, Bible Teacher

Nicholas Tellone Fifth Grade Teacher

Daniel Vaccaro Social Studies Teacher

Chris Van Der Stoep Reception Teacher (K-4)

Igna Van Rensburg Third Grade Teacher

  Starting August 2017-2018 - 1

Michael Wilkerson High School Teacher